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About the Fund

The NOLA FOR LIFE Fund invests to provide critical human services for those with the highest risk of killing or being killed. Since its creation in 2012, the fund has been managed by the Greater New Orleans Foundation and partnered with the City of New Orleans to strategically address community needs related to murder reduction. The fund has received significant contributions from institutional and individual donors including a $1 million gift from Chevron.

In 2013, the NOLA FOR LIFE FUND funded 23 high performing organizations delivering services to high-risk individuals across the city. Ten of the grantees participated in the Community of Practice (COP). By design, the COP established a continuum of services to improve outcomes for boys and men of color by creating a network of providers who agreed to adhere to evidence based best practices within their service area, track shared performance measures, implement and participate in a centralized data system.

In 2014, the NOLA FOR LIFE Fund matched additional support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Forward Promise grant award to support the development and implementation of the continuum of services model. And in August, the NOLA FOR LIFE Services Collaborative launched a cohort of 20 social services organizations committed to developing a continuum of services for boys and men of color at risk for involvement in violence in New Orleans.

For more information about the NOLA FOR LIFE Fund please contact the Greater New Orleans Foundation

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