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Hear the Stories.

We cannot solve this problem alone 

Every day murder is affecting our city, but our hope for change is embedded in the stories.  From the victims to the perpetrators, to the families and those working every day to solve this problem, every person matters.

From the beginning, we have intentionally focused to share the perspectives of those affected by violence in our community. In coordination with Spike Lee and Spike DDB, we introduced Flip the Script: a multimedia campaign geared to change the attitudes of and about young black men. We also launched the NOLA FOR LIFE channel to showcase the heroic stories of NOLA FOR LIFE participants through television programming on Cox Channel 99.


5 Questions for...

Emanuel Lain Jr.
President, People United for Armstrong Park

The grassroots organization People United for Armstrong Park (PUfAP) is known for its efforts to revitalize and enhance the historic Treme park and for its series of free outdoor concerts called Jazz in the Park.

While working to make Armstrong Park a safe, nurturing and thriving space, the group is also dedicated to providing opportunities to at-risk, formerly incarcerated and unemployed individuals through a growing Event Production Training Program. PUfAP recently received a grant from the NOLA FOR LIFE Fund to assist the training program’s efforts.


NOLA for Life: Congratulations on the third series of Jazz in the Park. This series is about more than great music, right?

Emanuel Lain Jr.:

Thank you! Our series falls in line with PUfAP's mission statement of making Armstrong Park the hub of New Orleans’ cultural economy. It’s designed to provide weekly employment opportunities to people who want to participate in the cultural economy and eventually turn their experiences with us into careers.

PUfAP has five production areas that we manage and train high-risk individuals to support: staging, event management and production, digital media and communications, health and sanitation, and promotions. We try to start trainees in areas that match their skills and interests. Trainees often rotate through most or all of those five areas so they can get the most out of the program.

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NOLA for Life Channel 99

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We ask questions to people making a difference in the community.

Channel 99

The NOLA FOR LIFE Channel offers original programming to educate and inform citizens of the City’s efforts to reduce the murder rate.

Flip the Script

The public awareness campaign by Spike Lee, award-winning director and producer, designed to change the attitudes of and about young, black men, and their perception in the media.


On December 8-9, 2014, over 300 participants came together for the NOLA FOR LIFE Symposium – a two-day dialogue designed to explore the broader issues contributing to the homicide rate in New Orleans.