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Get Involved and Rebuild Neighborhoods

The environment in which people live, work, and play has an impact on an individual’s quality of life and risk of being involved with violence. Furthermore, neighborhoods with strong attachment and mutual trust among its residents will work together to reduce violence. The initiatives in this pillar improve the built environment (Fight the Blight, Lighting Up the City, NOLA FOR LIFE Days, Quality of Life Stat) and engage everyone to contribute towards a better New Orleans (Collective Efficacy, NOPD Community Policing, Public Awareness Campaign). To make New Orleans safe we all need to do our part, get involved and rebuild our neighborhoods. 


Anthony D. Smith – Executive Director, Cities United

As the lead for Louisville’s Cities United and National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention initiatives, I used NOLA FOR LIFE as a model for building out Mayor Fischer’s “One Love Louisville - Be The One To Make A Difference” comprehensive violence prevention strategy. The program offered me a new way to think about this work. What I love most about NOLA FOR LIFE is that it is not only about the whole, but also about the individual. It gives the city a rallying cry, a way to see those most impacted by community violence as assets and it ultimately gives folks hope.