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The NOLA FOR LIFE Mentoring Initiative partners with mentoring organizations to positively impact the lives of young men in New Orleans. This initiative, as a component of Invest in Prevention, allows us to work with other mentoring organizations to change the lives of young men in New Orleans.

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The Strategy

Launched in May 2012, NOLA FOR LIFE is Mayor Landrieu’s cutting edge murder reduction strategy for the City of New Orleans. It’s smart, holistic and it hits the streets.

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Mayor's Innovation Delivery Team

In July 2011, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced a $24 million initiative to fund Innovation Delivery Teams (I-team) that help mayors effectively design and implement solutions to pressing challenges in their cities. New Orleans was one of five cities to receive a multi-year grant. As a pioneer "I-team" city, we're seeing major results in our two priority areas: customer service and murder reduction.

Using the i-team playbook, Mayor Landrieu's Innovation Team created and introduced a comprehensive strategy for reducing murders in New Orleans in 2012. In 2013, there were 156 murders, representing a 19% drop from the year before. This was the lowest annual total since 1985, and the lowest rate the city has seen since 1999. Today the team is managing a disciplined delivery process to continuously and reliably monitor progress to stated targets.

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Assistance is available for:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Mental Health Services
  • Substance Abuse
  • Reentry
  • Domestic Violence
  • and others

Use this app on your smartphone or computer to find resources close to you or any location within the New Orleans area

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Donate to the Fund

Thanks to the Greater New Orleans Foundation, the NOLA FOR LIFE Fund is now ready to receive your donations.

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By the Numbers


individuals from 10 gangs have been indicted as part of a coordinated multi-jurisdictional effort to focus on group and gang activity. 


young people between the ages of 16-30 competed for over 300 available jobs and participated in on-site job readiness boots camps.

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Rail Workers

$20.00 - $22.00/Hour

Responsible for operating locomotives; interpreting train orders, signals, and rules and regulations; transporting freight; and timely and correct switching and placement of rail cars.

Experience required

6 MonthsNo Minimum Education Requirement

Education required
No Minimum Education Requirement

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Job #511649

Upscale Security Officer/Security Guard


Greet employees, visitors and guests.  Ensure visitors and guests are properly signed in and receive a visitor badge.  Answer Client phones and direct to proper employee.  Provide assistance to customers, employees and visitors in a courteous and professional manner

Experience required

1 Year

Education required
High School Diploma or Equivalent

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Job #512909

Brokerage Trading Specialist

$20,000.00 - $50,000.00/Year

Process of trade orders from FCs and external clients.  Maintain blotters of daily activity to satisfy compliance requirements.  Process and resolve Items for Attention.  Follow up on NIGOs that prevent trade approval; address FCs inquiries timely.  Advise FCs on proper paperwork, product information, system training.  Deliver service level and operational excellence to internal and external customers as agreed to with Sales Managers. Train new FCs on COFA back office paperwork and processing requirements.  Effectively communicate with internal and external customers.  Manage risk and compliance for the trading function

Experience required

At least 1 year Brokerage experience

Education required
High School Diploma or Equivalent

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Job #513066