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NOLA FOR LIFE’s third pillar seeks to create pathways away from violence and towards prosperity for young men in our community. We understand that all New Orleanians must participate in the city's economic growth in order for New Orleans to reach her full potential.

Under Mayor Landrieu’s direction, the City of New Orleans is now focused on preparing African American males with the skills, training, education, and support needed to fully prosper and reach their full potential. We are engaging employers, workforce and small business training providers, job seekers, nonprofits and faith leaders to make a difference. 

Learn more about the Pathway to Prosperity.

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Get help. Help yourself.


Time is money. Check out this list of job openings for more respectable paths to a paycheck.


NOLA FOR LIFE engages partners from every sector to change the culture of violence that keeps our young men from reaching their potential.


These resources connect New Orleans citizens to NOLA FOR LIFE service providers.